Application Resources

The following resources may be of assistance to prospective applicants, and are provided for reference purposes only.

Louisiana Department of Education

The Louisiana Department of Education has a strong desire to see qualified charter applicants succeed in the charter application process. The following resources have been assembled to:

(a)    Ensure that applicants recognize the choice option they are most qualified to provide; and

(b)   Provide applicants with information and guidance that may be helpful in putting together a successful proposal.

Applicants may review the Call for Quality Options and Charter Applicant 101 before proceeding with the charter application process.




Call for Quality Options
  • Includes an interactive dashboard that visually guides applicants towards the geographic, demographic, and academic areas of greatest need


Charter Applicant 101 Document that describes:

  • The Louisiana charter landscape
  • The differences among the different types of charter schools


BESE Policies Bulletin 126 spells out the rules and regulations that govern charter schools.


Support Documents A library of resources, including:

  • Handouts and webinars from charter applicant workshops run by the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools
  • Sample budgets and guides to the different sources from which charter schools traditionally receive funding


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