2013 Charter School Application Cycle

2013 OPSB Charter School Request For Applications (RFA)

The 2013 OPSB Charter School RFA process is now closed; no new charter school applications are being accepted  by the district at this time.

Cover sheets and executive summaries for all submissions received in response to the 2013 OPSB Charter School RFA, as well as executive summaries of the recommendation report provided by the district’s independent evaluation team for each application, are available below. The results of the independent evaluation are taken under advisement by OPSB during its deliberations, but the recommendations of the evaluation teams are not binding on the Board.

Complete copies of all 2013 charter application materials will be available for viewing at both the public hearing and the September Board Business Meeting.

Cypress Charter School Association

The Learning Lab

Smothers Academy Preparatory School for Arts and Sciences

Thurgood Marshall College Fund Collegiate Academy @ SUNO

2013 Charter School RFA Materials & Timeline

Application Documents



Eligibility Determinations & RFA Release May 31
Review Room Launch June 7
Web-based Orientation Sessions for Applicants June 7 and June 18, 10am
Deadline for submission of applications July 12, 12:00pm CST
Requests for Clarification presented to applicants August 16
Deadline for applicant responses to Request for Clarification August 23, 3pm CST
Capacity Interviews August 28
Recommendation Reports released to applicants and OPSB staff September 9
Deadline for applicant response to Recommendation Reports September 11, 5pm CST
OPSB September Meetings September 13-17

For additional resources for prospective applicants, click here.

For information on OPSB’s 2012 Charter School RFA, click here.

For any other questions regarding OPSB’s Charter School RFA and application process, please contact

Colleston Morgan, Jr.
Director of Charter School Performance & Accountability

2012 Type 3 Charter Application – Click here to download

2012 Type 3 Charter Application Timeline – Click here to view

Public Disclosure

All charter school proposals submitted to OPSB are public records, pursuant to the Louisiana Public Records Law, LSA-R.S. 44:1 et seq.
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