NEW USER in the OPSB network?
First thing…access the automatic password reset application and register your user ID and password for the automatic reset option.  Click this link when you are ready. 

Second thing…Access the link below and verify that your corporate directory information is accurate.  Much of it you are allowed to modify, so if you see something incorrect go for it.  If it turns out the incorrect field is one you cannot change, submit a Help Desk ticket and we will correct it for you.

What is the Tech Plan?  The district annually reviews and revises the Tech Plan to provide a document that will drive the decisions made around how technology fits into the work of the district.  The plan addresses instructional as well as operational issues that impact the success of the district.  This link will take you to the most current version. 2012-15 Tech Plan
 If you have ideas you would like to contribute to the Tech Plan we would love to hear them.  Send an e-mail to the Technology Department at


A security request form must be completed and approved before employees will be granted access in MUNIS. This applies to the creation of new user accounts, changes to existing accounts, and the termination of existing accounts.

MUNIS Security Request Form

Please contact David Sprague in the IT Department at 504-304-5550 or if you have any questions about obtaining access to MUNIS, or if you need assistance with completing the security request form.


Please submit a help desk ticket in order to request access or changes to access to one or more of the various reporting systems of the Louisiana Department of Education (ACC, AFR, ASM, CATE, CUR, DISCIPLINE, FNS, IEP, LaTAAP, LEADS Inquiry, LDS, MFP, OTS, PEP, PKP, SER, SIS, SPC, SPS, STS, SRA, TSD, TELD, TIA Part A, TIA Part D, TIS, and TTS). This applies to the creation of new user accounts, changes to existing accounts, and the termination of existing accounts.

eGrants Management System – Please submit a help desk ticket in order to request access to eGMS.

Grants Award Program –  “Grants Award Program – The GAP Web site is now publicly available. You may access it by clicking here. Note that you may need to allow pop-ups when accessing the GAP Web site. Please submit a help desk ticket if you have any difficulty accessing the GAP Web site.

IT Organization Chart


Acceptable Use Policy – Student

Emergency Operation Plan – IT



Printer Friendly Version – (With Hyperlinked Table of Contents)

The best way to maximize the use of your technology is through the use of “just in time” training.  This refers to the training available from within the application or elsewhere on the web to guide you through accomplishing the task right before you as you seek to accomplish it.

This type of training has been proven through substantial research to be the most effective type of training for three primary reasons:
– it only addresses what you have a specific need to know right at that moment.
– learners retain it longer because they have an opportunity to apply the knowledge right away.
– self directed learning of this type builds confidence in the learner to reach further to learn more.

Some applications provide pre-taped videos vignettes that demonstrate the use of the application to accomplish the task you are interested in accomplishing.  Others provide text or an interactive text file to lead you through the application to solve the query you pose.  Always look for the blue shaded circle with a question mark inside.  If there is not one, look for a tab titled Training, Support or Getting Started.  If all else fails, ask a colleague for assistance or submit a Help Desk ticket.


ISTE has updated the National Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for Teachers (NETS-T) and has released the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S).  The National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A)  The four links below will provide a brief over view of the standards for each group and a link to the website where more complete information can be acquired.

National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators – NETS-A

National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers – NETS-T

National Educational Technology Standards for Students – NETS-S

Link to complete information on NETS-T and NETS-S –


Efforts at OPSB around the goal to maximize student outcomes have focused heavily on the appropriate use of various technologies to facilitate the process of using data to drive decisions regarding the development of individualized education plans for every learner. Each plan is constructed to embrace discovery based designs allowing students to naturally select their preferred learning style and intelligence to work collaboratively where appropriate and exercise their creativity, relationships, and communication skills in achieving their greatest possible potential.  The district expends considerable funds and efforts to provide high quality professional development opportunites for every educator to facilittate the desired outcomes.  In conjunction with several site leaders and a team of consultants the district has revised the EQTT insrument in favor of the Classroom Observation Protocol for Technology Integration (COP-TI) an instrument to empower administrators and classroom teachers to take the next meaningful step forward in advancing technology integration.  The instrument provides a precision look at classroom practices. The goal is to look with an eye toward affirming and encouraging practices meeting the desired goals and adjusting where practices provide room for growth.  You are invited to review it reflectively and engage in collegial efforts to move your own practices toward the goal outcomes.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to OPSB-IT and/or C&I for any aid we may be able to lend in your efforts to provide our students with the best possible setting for growth and attainment.


COP-TI-Reference Guide

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