Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for staffing the schools and central office for Orleans Parish School Board.  In the effort to maintain a high quality staff able to meet the demanding challenges of providing a world class education to the children of Orleans Parish, the Human Resources Department performs a myriad of functions.

We are responsible for the acquisition of staff and the provision of employment amenities and competitive compensation models so as to retain the highly qualified personnel who come to work with us.  Aiding the Leadership Team in understanding and circumnavigating the many details around staffing for appropriate educational outcomes also occurs in our arena.  Counseling with faculty and staff regarding the many issues that occur daily in the course of public education is also the responsibility of the Human Resources Department.

You may direct any questions or comments you have regarding the above areas to us via a call to the call center at 504-304-3520 or via e-mail at .

INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR TEAM?  Check out the Employment Opportunities tab on the dash board above.

W-2 Request –
OPSB Payroll Department will be glad to help you obtain a copy of your misplaced W-2.  There is a fee associated with this service.  For a copy of the fee schedule see below.  To request a copy please save or print the request form.  Complete the information and return the form to OPSB Payroll department, at  If you e-mail the document please take the extra step to password protect it (if you are uncertain how to do this the help function in Word will walk you though it.) and send the password in a separate e-mail.  The document will contain non-public information and for your protection you should remember that e-mail is not secure without this extra step.

W-2 Request Form

Approved Fee Schedule




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