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The development of this guide is the product of a revision of the OPSB’s High Risk Transition Plan; and alignment of the district’s internal controls and procedures with both the uniform grant guidance and recently revised OPSB policies. The 2016-2017 OPSB Grants Management Guide provides School leadership teams and central office staff tools to properly administer their grant funded programs throughout the grant cycle: Pre-award, Award, and Closeout. It provides procedures in which applicable staff will be held accountable throughout the planning, application, pre-implementation, implementation, and closeout phases of state, federal and private grants for which OPSB acts as the fiscal agent.

Additionally, the Grant Management Guide includes grant specific information and other resources that will be valuable to school and central office staff. The Federal Programs & External Grants team will update the guide as needed and/or required. Please refer to the OPSB’s website for the most up to date information.

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2016 – 2017

The Louisiana Travel Guide 2016-17 is available for review.  As the Local Education Authority (LEA), the Orleans Parish School adopts the Louisiana Travel Guide and adheres to its regulations.  The travel guide is to provide guidelines and establishes procedures for individuals incurring business travel expenses on the State’s behalf.  To ensure all travelers have a clear and consistent understanding of policies and procedures for business travel. It provide state travelers with a reasonable level of service, comfort, and safety at the lowest possible cost. It maximize the organization’s ability to negotiate discounted rates with preferred suppliers and reduce travel expenses.

To view the 2016-17 Louisiana Travel Guide, please click the link:

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Ivy Williams

Director, ESSA Federal Programs & Grants Compliance


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Assistant   Director, ESSA-Federal Programs


Ayesha Buckner

Homeless Liaison & External Grant Specialist


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Parental Involvement


Dwight Duplessis

External Grant Fiscal Manager


Mavia Marsalis

Special Projects Specialist


Vietquynh Pham

District’s Interpreter/Translator


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