Student Hearing Office

The Student Hearing Office (SHO) is a team within the department of Student Access at the Orleans Parish School Board.  The Student Hearing Office is a city-wide unified student discipline system comprehensively serving over 40,000 New Orleans students.


Some functions of the Student Hearing Office:

  • Conducts all student disciplinary conferences and expulsion hearings;
  • Screens and places students who seek to enroll in an Orleans Parish public school as a result of an expulsion from a school located in another parish or from a private school;
  • Screens all safety-based Hardship Transfers;
  • Provides conflict resolution meetings, training opportunities, resources and other support to students, parents/guardians, schools, and community partners;
  • In collaboration with the Youth Opportunity Center (YOC), coordinates the enrollment screening and placement of students returning to education post-incarceration in out of parish facilities and the Orleans Parish Justice Center (formerly Orleans Parish Prison).

The Student Hearing Office policies align with those of EnrollNOLA and the Youth Opportunity Center (YOC) to ensure continuity between discipline, enrollment, and student-based services.


2018 – 2019 SY SHO Manual for Disciplinary Procedures – Family and Community Resource


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