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ESSA Public School Choice

The Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) requires school districts to give students at schools identified for “school improvement” the option of transferring to another higher performing school. All students who are eligible for school choice will receive a letter in the mail. Only students who attend a school identified by the Louisiana State Department of Education for “school improvement” are eligible for School Choice. Being identified for “school improvement” does not mean that the school is being closed. Transferring to a “receiving school” is a parental decision.  

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Providing Interpretation-Translation Services for Limited English Proficient Parents & Guardians

The following resources are available to district and school level staff to obtain and provide language assistance services to Limited English Proficient parents/guardians:

To obtain these services, please review the OPSB Procedure for Requesting Language Assistance Services (LAS) and complete the Language Assistance Request Form. Procedure and Request Form upd 04-21-16

 Contact the district’s Community Liaison Coordinator for additional information or assistance.

Vietquynh Pham

Office: 504-304-3559

Fax: 504-379-3559

Guidance Regarding the Use of Family, Friends, or Children as Interpreters

The use of family members and friends for the provision of language assistance is not encouraged. The use of such individuals may raise issues of confidentiality, privacy, or conflict of interest, and that, in many circumstances, such persons are not competent to provide quality, accurate interpretations. Additionally, the use of minor children raises particular concerns about the competency, quality, and accuracy of interpretations and it is not advisable to use such children to convey information about their own education and/or complex information. Children under the age of eighteen (18) years old cannot be bound to confidentiality regulations under FERPA.

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