Orleans Parish LEAP 2025 Scores Released

July 11, 2019

NEW ORLEANS – (July 11, 2019) – Today, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) released the 2018-2019 Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) 2025 score results for the Orleans Parish School District. Based on testing results, overall student achievement in Orleans Parish has not improved from the previous school year.

At the K8 level, the percent of students achieving Mastery or above on English Language Arts decreased by 1% while Math and Social Studies has remained the same compared to last school year. In High School, the percent of students achieving Mastery or above on the LEAP 2025 exams in English, Algebra, Geometry, and US History varied by subject. Overall, the system also saw a decline in the number of students scoring Basic or above on LEAP assessments as well.

“This is the fourth year of stagnant or declining test results. My administration will be working with schools to explore how we can start moving forward. Two main priorities must be to stem teacher attrition, which last year was at 30%, and determine what is needed to better train and develop teachers on the use of high-quality curricula,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Henderson Lewis Jr.

“Working with our state delegation this past spring, we passed a law that created a new systemwide needs fund that is meant to target systemic challenges in our schools. It is clear that we have a citywide need to address these stagnant test results,” said Superintendent Lewis.

The LEAP tests measures proficiency for students between grades 3-12 in English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, science and social studies subjects. Student scores are reported on five levels: Unsatisfactory, Approaching Basic, Basic, Mastery or Advanced. Mastery and above is considered proficient, or ready for the next grade level. Results are used to help teachers identify when students need additional support or more challenging work in each subject area, and aid schools and school systems in helping students meet higher expectations.

Over the past several years, the city’s schools have performed well on the state Progress Index measure. That measure assesses how well schools are helping each student grow towards mastery. Those results will be released by the Louisiana Department of Education later this summer.

The overall 2018-2019 LEAP achievement results for Orleans Parish show:

LEAP 2025 3-8 Assessments – % Scoring Basic+ and Mastery+, by Subject and Overall in ELA and Math

ELA Math ELA+Math
Basic+ Mastery+ Basic+ Mastery+ Basic+ Mastery+
2018 61% 33% 54% 24% 57% 28%
2019 59% 32% 50% 24% 54% 28%
2018-2019 % Change -2% -1% -4% 0% -3% 0%


LEAP 2025 HS Assessments – % Scoring Basic+ and Mastery+ by Subject

  English 1 English 2 Algebra I Geometry US History
M+ B+ M+ B+ M+ B+ M+ B+ M+ B+
2018 41% 67% 35% 59% 32% 62% 21% 49% 24% 49%
2019 35% 62% 37% 59% 29% 58% 23% 53% 21% 46%
2018-2019 % Change -6% -5% 2% 0% -3% -4% 2% 4% -3% -3%


To access the Parent Guide on LEAP 2025 test procedures and standards, click here.  

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