School & Program Development Priorities


OPSB has adopted a set of school and program priorities to guide its charter authorization and school support efforts.  The priorities shared below are based on an assessment of the district’s needs and future goals and feedback from the community. These priorities were adopted by the Board in February 2018. OPSB is now working with local partners to identify organizations and institutions that meet the needs are outlined in the priorities. In addition, the district is will assess whether new charter school applications are aligned to the school and program priorities during the OPSB charter evaluation process. 

School & Program Priorities

  • School programs and services addressing the unique needs of diverse learners in inclusive settings
    • Focus Area 1: English language learners
    • Focus Area 2: students with low-incidence disabilities (supplemental data to be released in Spring 2018, pending verified Feb 1 2018 special education data)
  • Intentionally-diverse schools that are representative of the population of New Orleans
    • Emphasis on schools fostering racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse student bodies.
  • Schools, programs, and services addressing youth ages 15-21 (MS and HS)
    • Accelerated middle and high school settings providing high-quality opportunities for overage and under-credited students
    • School programs exploring non-traditional pathways to college and career
    • Additional HS capacity, to meet anticipated enrollment growth over the next 5-7 years
  • Schools, programs, and services that seek to interrupt and/or address the school-to-prison pipeline
    • Fostering coherence in academic experiences and socio-emotional supports for students in transition
    • System-level supports to address student discipline issues without removing students from the learning environment – students experiencing chronic out-of-school suspensions, and alternatives to traditional expulsion settings
    • Quality academic experiences and transitions for youth who have become involved with the justice system
  • Schools, programs and services addressing early childhood education


The presentations below were shared with the OPSB Accountability Committee meeting.


We are very interested in your feedback. Please take the survey below to rate our priorities and let us know if we should be considering any additional areas for improvement.

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